Lifting Devices

One of ABMS’s strength the design of custom lifting and handling devices. Here are some examples of devices that we can design for you:

  • Overhead, gantry and customized cranes
  • Lifting beams
  • Spreader beams
  • Specialized tooling
  • Nacelles
  • And many more

ABMS is also offering you its expertise to certify the capacity of your existing lifting equipment or to certify the capacity of your custom-made lifting devices. This certification allows you to stay within the work safe regulation and rules, without the hassle of having to replace your existing equipment.

ABMS can also suggest you modifications that you can apply to your existing equipment in order to increase its allowable capacity.

Realisations :

  1. Lifting hook for snowmobile parts
    Our client needed a hook to handle snowmobile parts. The hook could not damage handled parts nor induce other stresses in lifted parts. The solution is a custom-designed hook that allows parts to be supported with adapted base-plates.
    2.1, Set47, Industriel 1223, cochet de levage ski-doo

  2. Design and certification of lifting and handling devices
    Design of an atypical cantilever crane that will be used under a low and angled roof. The new crane is also independent of the plant structure and requires minimal maintenance because of the choice of simple mechanisms. The crane was designed in accordance with local standards, rules and laws.
    2.1, Outils Richard, Manufacturier 1065.000.00, Assemblage complet

  3. Design of a motorized base scissor lift
    Design of a motorized base and a scissor lift with minimal fabrication cost in mind without compromising reliability. This scissor lift is also certified to the local safety regulations to ensure that workers will be safe when working with the device.
    2.1, IDL, Manufacturier 1362.000.00