Davit arm systems

ABMS Consultants can design custom davit arm systems based on your specific requirements. We can develop a new product, modify your existing equipment, certify a capacity and in some instances, augment its capacity. Our team has designed multiple arm systems and we can use our expertise to help you find a custom solution tailored to your reality. In  addition to the following realisations, we certified the capacity of multiple davit arm systems for our clients across Quebec and Canada.


  • Davit arm system used in hydroelectric powerhouse maintenance

    This arm system had to be able to lift a 2 ton load on a 6 meter radius inside a hydroelectric powerhouse. Existing anchors had to be used to support the main column. A mechanism was installed to limit the arm’s rotation to 180 degrees. This system was designed with ease if fabrication and assembly in mind.potence


  • Design of a davit arm system

    Davit arm system with a 500 lb capacity and a 10 ft arm length.
    372, Assemblage tourné