ABMS Consultants can design custom monorails based on your specific requirements. We can develop a new product, modify your existing equipment, certify a capacity and in some instances, augment its capacity. Our team has designed multiple lifting and handling devices and we can use our expertise to help you find a custom solution tailored to your reality. In  addition of the following realisations, we certified the capacity of multiple monorails for our clients across Quebec and Canada.


Design of a monorail for a temporary structure

Our team designed two rails with a capacity of 1250 lbs each. The rails were installed on a temporaty structure and when used together, the capacity can be augmented at 2500 lb. This device is designed for a quick assembly and disassembly with bolted beam connections. The span is 16.5 meters.



Design of a curved monorail

Design of a curved monorail fixed to the roof structure with beam clamps. It is designed to support 4000 kg.



Design of a short custom monorail

This equipment is used to handle tools in a hydroelectric powerhouse.

Monorail sur mesure


Design of a curved monorail

Design of a curved monorail to be installed in an hydroelectric dam to handle heavy equipment in a confined space.