ABMS Consultants can design custom nacelles based on your specific requirements. We can develop a new product, modify your existing equipment, certify a capacity and in some instances, augment its capacity. Our team has designed multiple nacelles and we can use our expertise to help you find a custom solution tailored to your reality. In  addition of the following realisations, we certified the capacity of multiple nacelles for our clients across Quebec and Canada.


  • Design of a 300 lb capacity nacelle

    This nacelle is designed with a door that does not create interferences when opening with objects outside and inside the nacelle. The certified capacity is 300 lb.
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  • Design of a nacelle lifted by a crane

    Design of a new nacelle to replace the old equipment that was not complying with the latest safety standards of Ontario’s construction sites. The welded structure was reinforced, handles and lifting points were added. The new design was optimized for one worker and its tools. This nacelle is used on a hydroelectric dam.
    Modification de nacelle

  • Modification of an existing nacelle and its certification

    Modification of an existing nacelle for an industrial client to comply with the RSST standard. The structure was reinforced, the mobile guardrail was replaced, an intermediary rail was added and an anchor for a safety harness was also added.

  • Design of a large nacelle for multiple workers

    Large welded 14 ft x 4 ft nacelle designed to support two workers and their tools. This nacelle is used under an overhead crane. This design complies with the British-Columbia safety standards.