Material handling baskets

ABMS Consultants can design custom material handling baskets based on your specific requirements. We can develop a new product, modify your existing equipment, certify a capacity and in some instances, augment its capacity. Our team has designed multiple material handling baskets and we can use our expertise to help you find a custom solution tailored to your reality. In  addition of the following realisations, we certified the capacity of multiple baskets for our clients across Quebec and Canada.

  • Design of an engineered galvanized material handling basket

Design of a material handling basket. This basket is used to move tools on a hydroelectric dam construction site in Quebec. This basket can withstand a 900 kg load, either when rolling on the casters or when moving it in the air by using the four lifting points. This basket was designed with the galvanization process in mind, because this material basket will be used outide in harsh environmental conditions. The usable volume of this basket is 20″ x 26″ x 44″.

1667-000-00 Panier HQ-11667-000-00 Panier HQ-21667-000-00 Panier HQ-3

  • Capacity certification of an exisiting material handling device

We conducted an analysis and an inspection in order to certify a capacity. The certified capacity is 330 lb.

1143-400 Cage levageDSC02030

  • Lifting cage

Design of a 1000 kg lifting cage. This cage is shown without the access door.

1322.100.00 Cage levage Granby