Special tools

ABMS Consultants can design custom tools based on your specific requirements. We can develop a new product, modify your existing equipment, certify a capacity and in some instances, augment its capacity. Our team has designed multiple special tools and we can use our expertise to help you find a custom solution tailored to your reality. In  addition of the following realisations, we certified the capacity of multiple tools for our clients across Quebec and Canada.


Spiral case 3-axis handling device

Design of a tool that allows spiral case segments to be handled and positionned on 3 axis. Each segment can weigh up to 35 tons and cannot be lifted by an overhead crane, due to its confined location. Moreover, the floor underneath it is irregular.


Pallet handler

Special tool that allows the handling of a 5000 kg pallet.


Industrial propane cylinder lifting device

This tool lets the user lift a 800 lb 30″ propane cylinder while allowing a quick install and removal of the tool.


Snowmobile parts grabble

This grabble was designed to not alter the surface finish of handled parts while not transmitting unwanted stresses.

2.1, Set47, Industriel 1223, cochet de levage ski-doo

Servomotor lifting device

Design and certification of a lifting device for  a very large diameter hydraulic cylinder in a hydroelectric powerhouse.

Polymer bags support

Design of a support for polymer bags. The support has to support a load of up to 220 lbs.


Tool lifting cage

Design of a tool lifting cage with a 1000 kg capacity.