Mechanical Failure Investigation

ABMS Consultants can be your technical expert to support you during a mechanical failure investigation after an incident. ABMS can validate the element that caused the failure, either by doing simple tests and taking measures or by completing a detailed and thorough analysis.

Realisations :

  1. Automotive Car Lift Failure
    Following a deadly work incident, we were chosen to conduct both an investigation and a test on an automotive car lift. We had to determine if the car lift had defects that could impact its acceptance to various standards for this kind of equipment.
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  2. Hydroelectric Turbine Water Hammer
    Following a water hammer in a hydroelectric turbine, important damage was induced to the internal components. For each turbine part, ABMS realised an investigation, inspection, evaluation of the damages and wrote a replacement or repair procedure. ABMS also suggested a few improvements.
  3. Cracked Turbine Shaft
    Following a major crack discovered on a turbine shaft, ABMS completed a thorough study of the shaft, including a corrosion-fatigue analysis. Afterwards, ABMS designed a temporary solution that allowed a quick and safe re-operation of the turbine during one year. ABMS then designed a new turbine shaft with a planned operation of at least 40 years.