Machine inspection

ABMS Consultants can deliver complete, precise and clear machine inspection in your facility. We also conduct hazard and risk analysis of your factory or your equipment. With our report in hand, you will be able to elaborate a concrete and efficient plan that targets the prevention of work-related incidents and that will allow you to prioritize the steps that must be undertaken.

Our customized approach :

First step : Initial meeting with the client

  • Clear explanation of the process
  • Fix objectives
  • Quick on-site visit to assess the situation

Second step : Preparation

  • Validation of applicable standards
  • Inspection planning

Third step : Inspection

  • Identification and evaluation of potential dangers
  • Verification of safety measures currently in place and their conformity with the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (RSST), or equivalent
  • Inspection of energy sources, pinch and cut points

Fourth step : Analysis

  • Identification of the dangers and the lack of appropriate protection measures
  • Validation of potential solutions according to the RSST regulation, or equivalent
  • Determination of risk factors for each machine, based on specific criterias

Fifth step : The safety inspection report

The final safety inspection report will:

  • Include a list of risks for each of the inspected machines
  • Propose solutions that will mitigate or eliminate the risk
  • Prioritize action to be undertaken
  • Make general and specific recommendations