Hydroelectric Engineering

The hydroelectricity domain allowed ABMS to grow in its beginning, thanks to the 15 years of experience of ABMS’s founder at a major hydroelectric turbine manufacturer. Even today, we still offer hydroelectric engineering services and we realize various projects to help our clients that face atypical problems.

Whether it is a turbine shaft, an oil or water seal, wicket gates operating ring, headcover, trash rack or any major component of a hydroelectric dam, we can think of a design that will solve your problems.

We also design a wide variety of gates for hydroelectric power plants, such as roller gates, sluice gates, sliding gates, radial gates, flap gates, bulkhead gates, etc. Our expertise is based on our experience. ABMS completed engineering tasks in many major and minor hydroelectric projects in Quebec, in the rest of Canada and in the Northern United States.

Amongst the specialized services we offer, we have an especially great experience designing turbine shafts and water bearings.

We also wrote many technical documents and user manuals for turbines, alternators, and various hydroelectricity production accessories. Do you have a project that needs more specialized resources? Call us, we just might have the solution you are looking for.

Realisations :

  1. Hydroelectric Dam Refurbishment
    We participated in the complete refurbishment of a double camelback turbine. We designed new turbine shafts, new water bearings and also some of the oil bearings. During this project, we also refurbished the headcover, bottom flange and designed a new shear-pin mechanism.
  2. Major Refurbishment of a hydroelectric turbine
    Following a water hammer in a hydroelectric turbine, important damage was induced to internal components. For each turbine part, ABMS realized an inspection, a damage evaluation and wrote a replacement or repair procedure. ABMS also suggested several improvements taht could be done to the turbine.
  3. Cracked Turbine Shaft
    Following a major crack discovered on a turbine shaft, ABMS completed a thorough study of the shaft, including a corrosion-fatigue analysis. Afterwards, ABMS designed a temporary solution that allowed a quick and safe re-operation of the turbine during one year. ABMS then designed a new turbine shaft with a planned operation of at least 40 years.
  4. Micro-Turbine
    Complete design and fabrication (excludes civil engineering works) of an 80 kW hydroelectric turbine for an outfitting in the Charlevoix region. This turbine replaces an existing diesel turbine. The project includes the penstock, butterfly valve, turbine, draft tube, generator and associated controls for an isolated grid operation.