Hydroelectricity Engineering

The hydroelectricity is the domain that allowed ABMS to grow in its beginning, thanks to the 15 years of experience of ABMS’s founder at a major hydroelectric turbine manufacturer. Even today, we still realize various hydroelectricity engineering projects to help our clients that face atypical problems.

Whether it is a turbine shaft, an oil or water seal, wicket gates operating ring, headcover, trash racks or any major component of a hydroelectric power plant, we can think of a design to solve your problems.

ABMS Consultants can work as a part of your engineering team in a major hydroelectric project or can take the lead in the design of small hydroelectric projects.

Often called to backup your team, we use our expertise at the disposal of our clients:

We also design a wide variety of gates for hydroelectric power plants, such as roller gates, sluice gates, sliding gates, flap gates, bulkhead gates, etc. Our expertise is based on our experience. ABMS realized engineering tasks in many major and minor hydroelectric projects in Quebec, in the rest of Canada and in the North of the United States.

Amongst the specialized services we offer, we have an especially great experience designing turbine shafts and water bearings.

We also wrote many technical documents and user manuals for turbines, generators, and various hydroelectricity accessories production. Do you have a project to realize and need more specialized resources? Call us, we just might have the solution you are looking for.