Amusement Rides

This service is available for the Quebec and Ontario provinces :

In Quebec, it is necessary to have an accreditation of conformity to operate an amusement park ride. Such an accreditation can only be delivered by a Professional Engineer recognized by the RBQ. ABMS Consultants is one of the rare firms that can realise these attestations in the Quebec province.

ABMS Consultants can also realize such an attestation in the province of Ontario according to the requirements of TSSA.

In order to validate the compliance of an amusement park ride, many steps must be undertaken and ABMS’s expertise is regularly put to contribution to emit such an attestation:

According to the Building Act and Construction Code of Quebec, every mechanical ride considered as an equipment destined to be used by the general public must possess an identification plate delivered by the RBQ. The mechanical ride must also be registered to your exploitation permit before the start-up of you ride.

The owner-operator receives this identification plate when he obtained from a recognized individual an attestation of conformity to the security Code. This plate must be fixed to the amusement ride and must be visible.

After having realized all required verifications, we are in a position to deliver a certificate that attests that the mechanical ride is compliant with the security code. This means that the amusement ride:

  1. Was designed and built to resist the loads and stresses in every load case and working state;
  2. Withstands every test and verification required and that their results were satisfactory
  3. Was modified, if required, by the manufacturer’s instructions
  4. Was delivered with all the necessary documents required for operation and maintenance
  5. Was certified by a Canadian organism that validated the electrical hardware’s compliance to the CSA SPE-1000 standard